Another Good Result!

Another Good Result for Transport Manager CPC

A.I.M Candidates Gained 67% Pass Rate

In order to make the Transport Manager CPC training as accessible as possible we are now able to offer the course over ten days with additional 3 study days.
We know our customers want their staff to have the right skills for their various roles but acknowledge that losing an important member of the team for longer than two weeks can be difficult.
By offering this added flexibility we are keen to enable as many firms as possible take the opportunity to train their staff and maintain the highest standards for their business.

Our pass rate for March 2015 exams was 67% when the national average was 55%.

Well done to Rachael Howarth of A.I.M on passing both multiple choice and case study first time through lots of hard work and dedication—fantastic news for Rachael and AIM. This qualification will give Rachael the expertise required when supporting A.I.M customers with Transport Manager and O’ Licence issues.

Jess Stubbs of Bliss Bedding Ltd, one of the youngest women drivers in the UK, passed both multiple choice on line and case study exam first time after sitting the 10 day course and 3 day study days at A.I.M. Jess is A.I.M Commercial Services Ltd youngest candidate—Well Done Jess.