ADR Audit 2024

On Monday 12th February, we had the pleasure of meeting Mr Richard Deeley, the External Verifier who carried out our ADR audit. The outcome of this was a Grade 1 – continued approval is recommended with no additional conditions.

Richard’s comments were:

‘’I arrived at the TP at 09:40 and was very warmly welcomed by the primary contact Ms Rachael Howarth and the main instructor/business owner Ms Allison Kemp.

The purpose of today’s visit was to conduct a review of administration procedures, this was my very first visit in any capacity to this TP.

This TP delivers ADR courses approx. once per month throughout the year, all examinations are currently paper based.

Prior to my visit, I reviewed the details on the database, which showed that there are currently three approved appointees registered, two invigilators, Ms Rachael Howarth & Ms Deana Wincott, with one instructor, Ms Allison Kemp.

Ms Rachael Howarth runs an extremely well organised document management system, and is meticulous in all that she does, making todays visit run smoothly.

This centre is to be commended on their professional approach to the ADR scheme, and particularly their attention to detail.

All current ADR documentation is filed meticulously in course and date order, we did discuss the option of uploading the documents to the SQA database.’’… with no action points!


We are so incredibly happy with this outcome and couldn’t be prouder of our team.